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We are excited to continue our second year of positive behavior intervention system (PBIS) at Booth Hill this year! Two years ago our positive behavior intervention committee attended several sessions and worked with the staff on a monthly basis to put our program into place. We also worked with Mrs. Satin who serves as a member of our safe school climate committee. Her input and support have been instrumental during our planning sessions.

Here are some materials to read to help you better understand PBIS and how you can support your child at home regarding this program.

What is PBIS?

•PBIS is a framework to address school wide, classroom and individual student social, emotional and behavioral concerns. It is not a specific curriculum or intervention.

• It includes all students and all school staff members.

• PBIS involves adult modeling and explicit teaching of behavioral skills – same way we teach academic skills.

What are the benefits for my child?

• Increased instructional time

• Better school climate

• Consistent expectations across all settings and classrooms

What behaviors will be taught and how will students learn these behavioral expectations?

•We have created a fun easy to remember acronym with each letter representing behavioral expectations that we will teach and reinforce. Our acronym is ROARS: RESPECT, OWNERSHIP, ATTTUDE, RESPONSIBILITY, SAFETY (see matrix)

• Students will be taught specific behavioral expectations through direct instruction on the above character traits in locations throughout the school (e.g., classroom, lunchroom, bathroom). Students will be expected to demonstrate behavioral expectations in all school settings.

• All students will attend an assembly in the beginning of the year to explain our acronym and other aspects of PBIS.

• Hallways, lunch room and classrooms will have our matrix displayed as  visual reminders for students.

How will students be recognized when demonstrating expected behavior?

• Students will earn tickets for demonstrating ROARS! (See attached)

How can I support PBIS at home or in school?

• Display the matrix in your home.

• Discuss how children and adults demonstrate these traits by what they do and say.

• Contact Mrs. Satin. We will need many parent volunteers to support different PBIS activities and jobs throughout the year.



We are going to have a school wide positive reinforcement system to reinforce the behavioral expectations of ROARS. Students will earn tickets for demonstrating Respect, Ownership, Attitude, Responsibility, and Safety (ROARS). Students will enter their tickets in a weekly raffle for a chance to win a prize.

Giving Out Tickets

• You will be given tickets to distribute to students when they show ROARS behavioral expectations. All staff members will have the chance to give out tickets.

• When a student receives a ticket, have them write their name on the back of the ticket. Please right the room number of the students classroom as well.

• Students are responsible for holding onto their own tickets. It will be up to the teacher’s discretion on how to help students with organizing their tickets. For example, one way to help students keep track of their tickets might be to have a small bag for their tickets in their desk.

• Students may choose to accumulate or save tickets for more than one week to submit a large number of tickets at one time (although teachers of young students may want to require this for simplicity). Tickets that have not yet been put into the raffle do not expire and can be submitted any time throughout the year.

Handing In Tickets for the Raffle

• Students will turn in tickets weekly to their teachers. Teachers will have a student bring down the tickets first thing Friday morning to be placed in a grade level envelope.

• Names will be drawn weekly for prizes. After the weekly drawing tickets are “discarded” and cannot be used for a second drawing. In other words, if a student does not receive a prize in a weekly raffle, his or her ticket does not roll over into the next week’s drawing.

How and When We Distribute Prizes

• We will be having a weekly raffle on Friday mornings. Two names drawn from each grade level will be announced during the Friday morning announcements.

• Selected students will pick fun prizes from the prize cart in the main office during their snack time on Friday.

• Denice Burns will hand out prizes from the prize cart. Prizes will be rotated to keep things interesting throughout the year.


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