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Staff Directory

Main Office Staff

Principal Mr. Dana Pierce PierceD@trumbullps.org
Secretary Mrs. Barabara Peterson Petersob@trumbullps.org
Secretary Mrs. Denice Burns burnsd@trumbullps.org
Secretary Mrs. Jeanne Simpson  


School Nurse

Nurse Office Mrs. Christine Daigle daiglec@trumbullps.org



Room 2 Mrs. Monica Kelly kellym@trumbullps.org
Room 4 Mrs. Danielle Troy troyd@trumbullps.org
Room 5 Mrs. Lisa DePino depinol@trumbullps.org
Room 7 Mrs. Julie Rogowski rogowskj@trumbullps.org


First Grade

Room 1 Mrs. Colleen McMellon mcmelloc@trumbullps.org
Room 3 Mrs. Sue Velez Velezs@trumbullps.org
Room 6 Mrs. Lindsay Novack Novakl@trumbullps.org


Second Grade

Room 8 Mrs. Nina Merkin merkinn@trumbullps.org
Room 9 Mrs. Suzan Recine recines@trumbullps.org
Room 11 Miss. Alyssa Miller millera@trumbullps.org
Room 14 Mrs. Selina Conklin conklins@trumbullps.org


Third Grade

Room 12 Miss. Christina Pertesis pertesisc@trumbullps.org
Room 13 Mrs. Shannon Sampar sampars@trumbullps.org
Room 15 Mrs. Jackie Ceccolini ceccolinij@trumbullps.org
Room 16 Mrs. Tracie Reda redat@trumbullps.org


Fourth Grade

Room 17 Mrs. Cheryl Pontonio Pontonic@trumbullps.org
Room 18 Mrs. Susan Devine devines@trumbullps.org
Room 19 Mrs. Alison Cotter Cottera@trumbullps.org
Room 20 Mrs. Denise King Kingd@trumbullps.org


Fifth Grade

Room 21 Ms. Kim Greco grecok@trumbullps.org
Room 22 Mrs. Lisa Beers Beersl@trumbullps.org
Room 23 Mrs. Meg McGovern McGoverm@trumbullps.org
Room 25 Ms. Robin Redgate redgater@trumbullps.org


Special Education

Room 10A Mrs. Amanda Figel figela@trumbullps.org
Room 10B Ms. Jenna Sekelsky sekelskj@trumbullps.org
Psychologist Mrs. Kimberly Soule soulek@trumbullps.org
Speech Mrs. Elisa Murnick  
Social Worker Mrs. Ann Block blocka@trumbullps.org


Visual/Performing Arts

Art Mrs. Kristen Willet willettk@trumbullps.org
Media Mrs. Reenie Demkiw  
Music Mrs. Sylvia LeMoine sylemoine@trumbullps.org
Music Mrs. Yulia Fedorov Federovy@trumbullps.org
Band Mr. David Turechek Tureched@trumbullps.org
Strings Mr. Glen Ullman ullmang@trumbullps.org


Physical Education

Gym Mrs. Ginny Girouard Girouarv@trumbullps.org
Gym Mr. Keith Strychalsky  
Gym Mr. Craig Dwelle ferrarom@trumbullps.org


Support Staff

Reading Consultant Mrs. Bette Sue George Georgeb@trumbullps.org
Reading Consultant Mrs. Deborah Semanza semenzad@trumbullps.org
Math Specialist Mrs. Kim Lombardi Lombardk@trumbullps.org
ELL Mrs. Arielle McGovern McGoverA@trumbullps.org
Talented and Gifted Mrs. Tammy Baillargeon Baillart@trumbullps.org
Security Mr. Michael Barrett  
Intern Ms. Amanda Joyal  
Intern Ms. Allyson O’Connor  



Mrs. Linda Aiken Aikenl@trumbullps.org
Mrs. Rhonda Anderson Andersor@trumbullps.org
Mrs. Lelian Hanna  
Mrs. Anna Lage lagea@trumbullps.org
Mrs. Kathleen Leclerc  
Mrs. Marilyn Millman Millmanm@trumbullps.org
Mrs. Joanne Romer Romerj@trumbullps.org
Mrs. Jodi Seymour seymourj@trumbullps.org
Mrs. Anju Sisodiya sisodiya@trumbullps.org
Mrs. Susan Spillane spillans@trumbullps.org
Mrs. Harriett Troesser troesseh@trumbullps.org
Mrs. Donna Williams  


Food Service Personnel

Mrs. Carol Abbott  
Mrs. Madelyn Meagher  
Mrs. Suma Gowd  


Custodial Staff

Mr. John Joaquim  
Mr. Paul Smith  
Mr. Frank Ciambriello  

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