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Mission and Purpose



The purpose of the Booth Hill Fathers’ Club is to bring the children and families of Booth Hill together as a community by providing events throughout the year for all to enjoy.

The Fathers’ Club is proud to sponsor the following events during the school year:

  1. Welcome Back to School Barbeque in the Fall
  2. Movie nights
  3. Open gym nights
  4. Pancake Breakfast
  5. Organized outings to the Bridgeport Bluefish
  6. Organized outings to the Sound Tigers
  7. Bowling, Roller-skating and Ice Skating Outings
  8. Ceramics Day
  9. Field Days

The Fathers’ Club also participates in and donates time and funds to support the following events:

  1. PTA sponsored events such as Bingo Nights, Family Fun Nights, etc
  2. The Trumbull Elementary Golf Tournament

Over the past several years the Booth Hill Fathers’ Club has purchased the following items for the Children at Booth Hill:

  1. Science day assembly presentation
  2. New basketball backboards and nets for the gym
  3. Communication devices to help the staff communicate within the school
  4. Classroom reading materials
  5. A popcorn machine for school events

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